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Academy Player Identification Program



You must have received a post card or flyer inviting your player to join our Community Coaching Sessions.

That is fantastic!

Welcome to Sporting Arkansas Soccer Club!

Below you will find information about this program as well as a registration link to attend the sessions for your player's age group.  

SASC Academy Player ID Program Info:This program is designed to identify talented players early in their soccer development.  SASC Academy coaches in partnership with specific recreational programs have developed a player identification pathway for our younger age groups.  The goal of this program is to identify and give more advanced training opportunities to those players who are showing early skill development and a higher competitive drive than those in their current age groups. This is not to say that their teammates will not catch up!  We understand that young players develop at vastly different rates.  However, we want to give each player the opportunity to continue developing at the rate that is individually appropriate.  This is a free skill development program that is run in combination with the current recreational program!  Each session will last for 1 hour / 1x per week, and will be coached by our Academy Director and staff.  Your player has been invited to participate in our program this season.   

Each Training Session will be on Wednesday evenings  starting March 14th- from 6:30-7:30pm at our Centerton Complex, on the stadium field #1.  

The last date of the ID Program will be 

Wednesday May 2nd

We encourage all players who participated to sign up for our team tryouts on May 22,24, & 30


If you have additional questions, please feel free to email our Director of Coaching.


Max Habereder

Register for the Academy ID Program here!