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Sporting Arkansas Futsal


Winter Futsal Schedule

To view the Futsal schedule, click HERE


Winter 2018 Futsal Game Reschedules

Coaches please notify your teams of game times.  

Games can be rescheduled if absolutely necessary. Please try to keep the schedule created to save on issues or confusion. If your team is unable to attend due to a player shortage we will try to play with those players that can be present. There is a minimum of 6 players needed for games. If a reschedule is necessary, email Layna at no later than 5 days before the scheduled game.  If this is not done within 5 business days of the reschedule date, the game will go in as a forfeit under the team who originally had the scheduling conflict.  


Hard Line Rules


  • SASC reserves the right to terminate a team from the Futsal season based upon referee abuse. 
  • Referee will provide 1 warning to coach if verbal abuse occurs.  Coach will let parents know that they have been warned.  
  • 2nd offense is immediate termination of game with forfeit of offending team
  • Any physical contact with a referee will result in immediate game abandonment, forfeiture of game of offending team, and immediate league ejection for remainder of Futsal season.


  • SASC reserves the right to remove any player, parent, or coach who violates the spirit of the game of Futsal or continues to be problematic to players, coaches, or referees. 



#3-#5 Standard Ball



#4 Ball – 30% less bounce

Game pause substitutions   Unlimited “flying” substitutions
Throw-in   Kick-in
45 minute halves   18-20 minute halves
No time-outs   No time-outs
Goal kicks   Goal Clearance (throw only)
Some contact   No shoulder charges or sliding tackles
No absolute time limit to restart game   4-second rule on restarts
Offside rule   No offside rule
Goalkeepers get steps or 6 seconds   No restrictions, but limited to 4 seconds
No sub for player sent off   Player sent off can be substituted for after 2 minutes or other has scored
Goal kicks from 6 yard box   Goal kicks are thrown from inside arch
Corner kick placed in arch   Corner kick placed on corner


The above difference are those observed by the Sporting Arkansas Soccer Club Futsal Leagues compared to some FIFA rules of the game of soccer.

TENTATIVE FUTSAL SCHEDULE: This is a tentative schedule based on previous years schedules. Subject to change at any time. 

Adult League (18+) - Sunday Afternoon or Evening

High School (00-04) - Weds Evening or Sunday Afternoon

U14 (05-06)- Tuesday Evenings or Sat Evenings

U12 (07-08)- Thursday Evenings or Sat Afternoons

Academy (U10 & under) - Monday evenings or Sat Mornings

2018/2019 Q & A

How much does Futsal cost? Teams may register in groups of 6 to 9 players (U11-Adult) for $375. The fee will be paid by the registrant. It is up to the Team Manager/Coach to collect money from your players. Individuals (U8-U10) $60/Individual. Payments due in full at time of registration. 

Where will games be played? Games will take place at our Indoor Soccer Facility in Centerton. No Cleats allowed indoors!

When will the Futsal season start? Registration is open until midnight on November 25th. Games will start sometime around mid-December. 

Can anyone play Futsal? Yes, anyone can play, ages 8 to adult. You do not have to be a current member/player of Sporting Arkansas to play. 

For further questions contact Layna Dixon @ 



Participation Waiver

Upon registration all players or guardians will be required to agree to the below participation waiver by checking a box in the registration. Please review the participation waiver prior to registration.


2018 Winter Futsal Registration - OPEN through November 25TH

Players (open to the public and members) can be registered by teams (U11 - Adult) or individuals (U10, U9, U8) through November 25, 2018.


All players U11-Adult must register through the team registration link.  If you do not have a team to register with, please click the link below to register on our wait list. Teams must have 6-9 players plus a coach registered on their roster.  Team registration is completed one time per team.  Full payment is due at the time of registration, and it is up to the team payee to collect individual payment from team members.  Sporting Arkansas is not responsible for collecting individual payment from members of teams.

*teams with 6 or less players could have up to 2 individual players placed on their roster at the discretion of the SASC Futsal Staff.


 $375 per team

**(Minimum of 6 players per team. Maximum of 9 players. Each team must have a coach. Coaches are on a volunteer basis.)

TEAM REGISTRATION LINK - Click here to register as a team

TEAM WAIT LIST LINK-(U11-ADULT) - Click here to register for our wait list



All players U10, U9, U8 will register as individuals.  The SASC Futsal Staff will create teams after registration is closed.  We will do our best to place players on teams with teammates from their own club when possible. Depending on registration numbers and teams, there is a possibility of coed play in the younger age groups. SASC will provide coaches where possible, however, if you would like to volunteer to coach a team please contact our registrar at

Cost: $60 per player

Individual Registration Link - Click here to register as an Individual (U8-U10)


**Once teams are formed it will be up to that team coach to identify what color their competition shirts or jerseys will be. Sporting Arkansas Futsal will not provide competition shirts.

**All fees are nonrefundable after December 1, 2018

Hulk Promotes Futsal as a Contributor to his Player Development

Questions About  Futsal?

Questions About Futsal?

Sporting Arkansas Futsal Program

Phone: 479-224-6700

Sporting Arkansas Futsal Seasons

The Sporting Arkansas Soccer Club hosts two seasons of futsal league competition annually. The season dates for 2018-2019 are:

Winter 2018:

December 15th - TBD

Summer 2019:

to be announced

All games played in the Lightning Park Futsal Gym facility in Centerton.


Why Sporting Arkansas Futsal?


1) Sporting Arkansas Futsal is the only futsal competition venue for NW Arkansas and the only indoor soccer format recognized by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF)

2) Sporting Arkansas has a wide range of divisions to accommodate all skill levels from under 10 to over 35 

3) Sporting Arkansas Futsal will be officiated by a Certified Referee and a Facility Marshall will be at every event to ensure safe competition and family friendly environments for all while also facilitating facility evacuation in case of an emergency and quickly dial 911 if medical response is required

4) Sporting Arkansas has an observation room for viewing futsal matches where food and drink can be brought in

5) Sporting Arkansas is the fastest growing soccer club in NW Arkansas and Official Affiliates of the Sporting Kansas City (SKC) Major League Soccer (MLS) Club. Player curriculum and coaching philosophy is driven by SKC and will be evident in our coaching staff

6) Sporting Arkansas Futsal recreational teams and individual players can request evaluations from Sporting Arkansas staff for potential membership into the Sporting Arkansas Competitive Programs at any point during the Futsal seasons


2018-2019 Age Group Criteria




Sporting Arkansas Futsal follows the US Soccer and FIFA standards for age group level based on birth year which will be instated throughout the United States in 2016. 

*Players may "play up" by one age group with coach approval

2018 Winter Futsal Season

Academy: 2011 - 2009

U11/U12: 2008 and 2007

U14: 2006 and 2005

U16: 2004 and 2003

U19: 2002 and 2000

All players born on or before 1999 are to play in one of the adult divisions.