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Junior Academy - Ages 5 & 6

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Junior Academy Program Details

Sporting Arkansas Junior Academy Program

Sporting Arkansas Junior Academy Program

The Sporting Arkansas Junior Academy Program is designed for children ages 5 and 6. US Soccer categorizes this age group as the 'initial stage' of soccer development. US Youth Soccer categorizes this age group as the 'fundamental stage.'

This is a pivotal time for motor skill development in our junior players. Prior to obtaining good ball control the children must gain control of their bodies. Therefore, Sporting Arkansas Junior Academy training sessions will be formatted more as physical education using a soccer ball. Basic ball control combined with physical demands of walking, running, jumping, and other agility, balance, and coordination exercises will be executed to aid in proper movement mechanics. The sessions will first and foremost be FUN! 

Tactics will be implemented in small sided games where the understanding of field boundaries and spatial awareness will be taught. The emphasis will be to let the children have FUN, play the game of soccer, and learn at the same time. The fascination for the ball and the thrill of scoring goals provides the spark for life long soccer participation.

Program Participation

Junior Academy training takes place twice per week. There will be a December and a summer break.  Up to date training and competition schedules are provided at the calendar on this page.

If your interested in enrolling your child for the new 2018/2019 season, please contact

Payment Schedule

Junior Academy runs year-round and payments will be taken automatically by credit card or e-check.  Charges will take place monthly for the duration of which the player wants to participate in the program or until the time in which the player "ages out" of the Junior Academy and moves to the Academy program. 

Monthly Fee: $40

Junior Academy Program Inquiry

Junior Academy Program Inquiry

Sporting Arkansas Soccer Club

Phone: 479-224-6700