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Academy - Ages 9 and under

Jacob Rutledge

Sporting Arkansas Academy Program Director

Phone: 479-790-6139

Academy Registration Link 2017/2018

SPRING 2018 Easy Registration Link

Click on above link to be taken to the SPRING 2018 Academy Program Player registration.  

Academy Program Details

The Academy Program is the second step in player development for the Sporting Arkansas Soccer Club. Players continue with the training found in the NSCAA, USSF, US Youth Soccer, and and ASSA player development models. Technique and skills with the ball is a main focus for soccer development between the ages of 7 and 10 years old. 1v1 and 2v1 attacking and defensive situations make up the majority of tactical concepts. Moving from individual player techniques to partner training such as passing occurs in this age range.


Training session duration is between one hour and one hour and a half two to three times per week. There will still be individual body awareness activities and motor development as well as a main focus still on the individual player's skills. Partner activities are increased as well as the increased frequency and improvement of 1v1, 2v1, and 2v2 games. Sessions conclude with small-sided games.

Under 9 and 10 age group players will be introduced into small sided games with greater numbers sooner. Directional play will be more often and advanced attacking and defensive principles will be introduced to include defending numbers down, combination play, roles of the first and second attacker, and team shape.

The focus is on building and maintaining an increased love for the game. Emphasis is on soccer specific technical skills (dribbling with all surfaces of the foot, how to receive and control the ball) individual development, increased comfort on the ball, exposure to all positions and how to function in a team. Winning and team results are a low priority compared to individual development as a soccer player.


Academy players can expect one game per week and two tournaments per season (hosted fall and spring tournaments).

Program Participation

The Academy Program conducts annual evaluations of existing members and new players. All players are invited to come out to these evaluations to become members of the Sporting Arkansas Soccer Club; tryouts are not conducted until the under 11 age groups (Classic). 

If families miss the evaluations there is still a chance to participate based on membership numbers and other logistics concerns.

Academy Program membership is an annual commitment. Registration fees cover the cost of training, facility maintenance and repair, facility utilities, and administrative duties associated with program membership. 

Registration Fees: $375 per season

Parents should note that additional fees will exist for uniform and training gear, tournament fees, and any required travel for the coach. Please contact the Sporting Arkansas office for additional information about becoming a part of the Academy Program.

Medical Release Form

All new players will need to give copies of their birth certificates, insurance cards, and a notarized medical release form (please see link) to their team managers or coaches at their first practice. All returning players will just need a new notarized copy of their medical release form, unless their insurance has changed. Most banks will notarize papers for you.

Scholarship Program/Guidelines

Financial assistance is available to assist those players who are not able to afford the total costs associated with playing soccer. Therefore, Sporting Arkansas Soccer Club has funds available to help families who need financial assistance.

Financial assistance will be considered on a first come, first served basis and once the financial assistance funds are gone for a particular season, no more aid can be given. In order to spread the assistance as far as possible, we ask each family seeking aid to pay as much as they can afford.

It is expected that a family receiving financial assistance will be willing to volunteer to assist either the club or their team by helping to maintain fields, assisting at tournaments, registration or other volunteer opportunities.  Please let us know if there are circumstances that would prevent family members from helping in this way.

Financial assistance to a player/family may be terminated if the financial situation is resolved, funds become unavailable, or if the player is deemed in conflict with the Club/Team requirements for player commitment or behavior.

Academy Program Inquiry

Academy Program Inquiry

Sporting Arkansas Soccer Club

Phone: 479-224-6700

Practice fields at Sugar Creek Park 110 Dartmoor Rd Bella Vista, AR